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Are Your Ready for Your Fatkini?

resh summer 2016

A few years ago the cover story on my Mount Holyoke alumna news magazine was

about Gabi Gregg, alumna, designer, and activist who had taken on fat-hating culture

with a vengeance. Gabi is the brainchild behind the Fatkini, a two-piece bathing suit

close enough in style and cut to be the bikini of choice for the full-figured woman.

As a plus-sized gal myself I was totally intrigued by this. So, I went to the Gabifresh

website to investigate. WOW! The models, their Fatkinis, and their bawdy poses – I

was sold! The photos of Gabi herself modeling her swimwear poolside and being

served by handsome and buff guys looking like they were trying to find their way

into her Fatkini were my favorites. I told my spouse all about this and showed her

which Fatkini I loved most. She was acknowledging and curious but then asked: And

to what end do you love the Chartreuse Fatkini? When I told her I was going to buy it

she said with a loving, but no-nonsense voice: That will not be happening. You will

not be wearing a Fatkini this summer or any summer – unless you just wear it in the

house. I was stunned and crestfallen. What started as a body affirming experience had

been completely extinguished by the very person who tells me she loves my body in

all its sizeable grandeur.

Robin’s response to my disappointment prompted a thought provoking question: Do

you think Gabi might be missing a great opportunity about what swimwear should

encourage, i.e. swimming? It was clear by the cut that one lap or dive into the water

would loosen the top, turn my large breasts into flotation devices, and leave a graphic

and lasting memory on the minds of my neighbors at our town beach. The Fatkini is

not for swimming. Like every other bikini it is for showing off a woman’s body.

The Fatkini still captivates me BUT, I now believe Gabi would have been more

successful addressing the politics of fat-hating – or fat fetishism – had she created

beautiful, plus-size swimwear with athleticism in mind – handsome pool boys

included. Feminists continue to toil in their efforts to enlighten us all about the

cruelty and dangers of objectifying women’s bodies. My wearing a Chartreuse

Fatkni would be like using a green highlighter pen from head to foot accentuating

every curve and roll I have. Given that I love to swim and am motivated to do so

why spend my hard earned cash on swimwear that would make swimming impossible

and reinforce the myth that fat women are never athletic?

Once I got my bearings and recovered my sensibilities, I ordered my new, boring,

monochromatic Speedo.

See you at the lake!

Copyright E. Resh, 2016

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