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Pound(s) Cake



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Pound(s) Cake

My new book has an entire chapter devoted to health seeking behaviors and how they impact our sex life.  My premise is that a 70-30 split is best – 70% of the time we need to be adherent to healthy practices such as frequent and vigorous exercise, eating healthy foods, sleeping enough – you get the picture.  The remaining 30% is up for grabs.  This is what I consider optimal for good health and consequentially, better sex.  So far with today’s breakfast I think I have used my 30% for the rest of my life. This morning’s breakfast entrée was pound cake.  And like an inexperienced sommeliers I had to keep tasting to fully appreciate the product; the lemon bouquet accented by the ever-so-slight essence of almonds and then the perfection of the baking time which prevented giving the cake too dry a finish.  Unfortunately, I look for serotonin in all the wrong places; Ben and Jerry’s containers, my baking talents, and Richardson’s Candy Shop which is not far enough away from home that distance provides a deterrent. I feel a bit self-conscious pulling my figurative pants down in front of all of you about this. Where is my shame? But, perhaps I need to share this for the sake of soothing my conscience, helping me to self-correct, and relieving the suffering of others who have surely made a similar entrée choice at one time or another.  Food is my favorite drug.  Never mind a lovely glass or two of Merlot at the end of a hard day.   I will reach for any and all baked goods or candy every time. The good news though is that I genuinely love to exercise. I exercise just about every day and am doing my best not to throw either my health or my self-image down a shit hole as I age.  Meanwhile, I am slightly stoned from the carbohydrate load and wishing I had given last night’s dinner guests the entire cake to take home instead of a very large piece of it – hospitality and prevention in one!  Oh well, today’s hike will be longer than usual.

Happy Spring, everyone!

p.s. If you’re anywhere near Boulder, Colorado April 6-10, come join me at the Conference on World Affairs at CU Boulder. I will be speaking with great people all week and it’s a fabulous event!


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