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Be part of my Experiment

In my efforts to let more folks know about who I am and to grow my sexuality counseling and speaking life, I sought counsel from some wise and experienced hipsters who know more than a thing or two about how to navigate the ever-changing world of the Internet. The advice I received was unequivocal about the value of social media, an active on-line presence, Internet branding, and last but so not least, the extraordinary and seemingly unlimited power of the almighty Facebook page. My gang of talented “30 somethings” said to me: Ev, we need to get you “out there” and none of this can be under-estimated or under-utilized.” To that end, I am asking for a favor: please go to my professional Social Media Pages on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and “Like” or follow me. If you have friends you know might benefit from following me on social media And, after you read this month’s eblast, send it to a specific someone you know who would enjoy it.

Thanks so much for helping me with this experiment. I will report back with the results next month!

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