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Beautiful or Average?


Thanks to the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty women are being given the opportunity once again to re-consider their low self-esteem. Dove’s newest experiment revealing how women so often feel badly about how they look is nothing less than thought provoking, leaving the viewer, after only minutes, examining her own choice about how she self-defines. When faced with two doors to enter the same building, women are forced to ponder which door to go through; the one marked “Beautiful” or “Average”.  On hidden camera, we see the quandary that overcomes women as they ponder, struggle, and finally decide on which is the right entrance for them. What’s most striking of all? The disappointment that appears on women’s faces when they chose the door marked “Average”  versus the smile that appears when they choose the entrance with the “Beautiful” sign. Keep in mind here that choice is the operant word as those caught on camera are subjects not only of Dove’s experiment but of their own scrutiny and negative thinking. In every case, when a woman chooses the door marked “Beautiful” her smile – be it sheepish, sly, or broad and declarative – reveals the extraordinary effect of positive self-identification.

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But Dove has proven that a woman’s beauty is a choice to be made by the woman herself and the results of that choice will show on her face. Just watch the video.  

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