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What Your Daughter Needs to Know Before She Leaves for College

If you have a daughter leaving for college this fall, you’re probably going through a roller coaster of emotions— but this is no time to lose your bearings! Get the four most important things you need to tell your daughter before she walks into her first college dorm room. Those of you with daughters graduating […]

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Help Your Teenage Daughter Manage Her Weight

Sometimes it feels like it’s easier to talk to a wall than to your teenage daughter! When it comes to tricky topics like her weight, you might not even know where to begin. But as her mother, you are responsible for showing her how to take care of herself. Evelyn Resh shares six proactive and […]

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I Love My Teenage Daughter, But I Can’t Stand Her Right Now

Tears, fights and backtalk—raising a teenage daughter is not always a bed of roses. But what’s normal? Evelyn Resh wants you to know that loving her and liking her don’t always have to go together. I have yet to meet a woman parenting a teen girl who hasn’t looked at me at some point and […]

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Remembering Phoebe Prince: The High Cost of Bullying

The recent tragedy in Massachusetts serves as a poignant reminder to parents to remain aware of what’s happening to children across America. Whether you are worried your child is being bullied or bullying someone else, Evelyn Resh explains what to look for and how to handle it before it happens to someone you love. Burying […]

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