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I am still basking in the light of my week spent as a speaker and participant at the 64th annual Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado in Boulder. This is one of the highlights of my year. I was on 9 panels in 4 days this year and spent time with some of […]

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Sex – “It just happened.”

Wouldn’t sex be more satisfying, on all levels, if we adopted a greater sense of social and personal responsibility when it came to our sexual choices? It seems to me that if we self-reflected longer about who to have sex with, when to engage, what kind-of sex we want, and how our sexual choices might affect people in our personal lives (and […]

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New Beginnings………

Maybe now is the time to head south to Mexico and start that dog farm I have always wanted. Or, perhpas it’s time to review the “Bucket List” yet again for something closer to home: mid wife to the Amish, full-time writer, or dog walker.  I am 53, talented, well educated, a great public speaker, […]

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