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Pound(s) Cake

    Pound(s) Cake My new book has an entire chapter devoted to health seeking behaviors and how they impact our sex life.  My premise is that a 70-30 split is best – 70% of the time we need to be adherent to healthy practices such as frequent and vigorous exercise, eating healthy foods, sleeping […]

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Beautiful or Average?

Thanks to the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty women are being given the opportunity once again to re-consider their low self-esteem. Dove’s newest experiment revealing how women so often feel badly about how they look is nothing less than thought provoking, leaving the viewer, after only minutes, examining her own choice about how she self-defines. […]

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Manners 101

A Guide for Loving Couples I know I am not the only person who has friends that I really enjoy spending time with one-on-one but who I dread socializing with when their partner joins the party. Sometimes, their sweetheart just isn’t my “cup-of-tea.” But more often than not, I can’t tolerate the way they behave […]

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Good Food or Expensive Tests?

There is not a day in practice when I don’t see patients who complain of fatigue, pelvic pain, or weight gain. You could assume, correctly, that any midwife would naturally hear about such discomforts. All three are common in pregnancy. But I am not referring to the pregnant ladies I care for. I am talking […]

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