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Workshop May 2-5, 2013

You Can’t Have it All – Congratulations!
Discover pleasure, and your passion will follow

This 4-day workshop, based on the new book, Women, Sex, Power, and Pleasure, will guide you through a process of creating the life you want by starting with your own life balance. Held at the award-winning destination health resort, Canyon Ranch in the beautiful Berkshires, participants will explore how strengthening key emotional markers of well-being (and learning how to laugh!), can give you the kind of life and intimate satisfaction you are seeking.

Dates: May 2-5, 2013

Single $3285.
Double $2685.

Early bird discount*
Single $2800
Double $2250

e-mail evelyn@evelynresh.com to register

About the workshop :

Modern women are amazing! They manage complicated lives that include marriage, professions and kids and constantly multi-task – seemingly without breaking a sweat. But frequently what really lies beneath the surface of that ultra-competent exterior is someone screaming out for a more satisfying life that includes less work, more pleasure, and more sexual intimacy with our partners.

Based on the new book Women, Sex, Power, and Pleasure, this workshop has been designed with the modern woman in mind. Join author Evelyn Resh, MPH, CNM, and colleagues for four days of focusing on how women can create the life (and sex life) they really want by developing a better relationship with pleasure in general. With a focus on six markers of emotional well-being — self esteem, spiritual satisfaction, health-seeking behaviors, creativity, resilience, and compassion and empathy — considered critical for overall wellness, participants will explore how strengthening these through more pleasurable living will give them the kind of life and intimate satisfaction they want but can’t seem to achieve.

Held at the award-winning destination health resort, Canyon Ranch in the beautiful Berkshires, attendees will have access to the spa’s magnificent property, delicious cuisine, and gracious amenities while immersed in an integrative model of self-care and sexual health. More than most workshops on empowerment and self-help, you will learn through laughter! Evelyn’s infectious humor will be up and running and there to guide you as you explore complicated challenges in your effort to have more of the life (and sex) you want.

Join us for this unique experience of self-discovery, new friends, nature, luxury, and laughter.

Evelyn Resh, CNM, MPH, is a certified sexuality counselor with The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. She is also a certified nurse-midwife and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Resh holds a Master of Public Health degree and undergraduate degrees in nursing, psychology, and medical anthropology. She draws from her experience as a widwife and sexuality counselor in her integrative approach to women’s health. Resh lectures frequently across the country to professional and lay audiences on the topics of women’s health and sexual satisfaction. She is especially known for her warm, lively, and good-humored approach to her subject matter and her ability to make others feel comfortable with hard-to-discuss topics.

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