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Two Fat Women in the Room

Each year when Halloween arrives I make an effort to reacquaint myself with the following concepts: temperance, restraint, and common sense. In my yearly calendar, Halloween is an incendiary kick-off for nearly four months of perpetual food crimes that wraps-up mid-February on the day after Valentine’s Day. During this third of the year I write […]

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resh summer 2016

Are Your Ready for Your Fatkini?

A few years ago the cover story on my Mount Holyoke alumna news magazine was about Gabi Gregg, alumna, designer, and activist who had taken on fat-hating culture with a vengeance. Gabi is the brainchild behind the Fatkini, a two-piece bathing suit close enough in style and cut to be the bikini of choice for […]

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resh. blast may3

The Hazards of Binary Thinking…

I recently attended a conference on sexuality and gender with presenters whose scholarship, professional practice, and presentation styles were so rich and meaningful that I walked away with a mind full of new and enriched content. But,the binary thinking that we all fall prey to when it comes to sex and gender was a conference […]

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dancing bodies-weight loss

How much do you care about yourself?

A very unfit and sexually underserved patient of mine recently told me that she had started exercising.  When I asked for details she said: I exercise 5 minutes a day now. My facial expression must have revealed my “Oh, please!” opinion as she quickly added: It’s more than I used to do! Well, not really. […]

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