Evelyn Resh

Sensual and sexual health and satisfaction for teens and adults


Evelyn Resh is available for small facilitated discussion groups, large group lectures, organizational consultations and private consultations. She has extensive experience as a sexuality counselor, medical practitioner, and educator and is comfortable with people of varied sexual and gender orientations.

Her experience as a public speaker has brought her to groups ranging in size from 10 to 2000. Her speaking forums have been diverse and have included lay audiences and professionals in health care and health education, public health and academia. She is best known for her lively and engaging presentations on sexual health and satisfaction for women of all ages and has presented lectures on this topic to numerous lay and professional audiences throughout the United States.

For further information regarding Ms. Resh’s services, feel free to contact her through this website.


Is there a relationship between health, a sense of well-being and sexual satisfaction? The answer is a resounding “yes”! This lecture will review the most common complaints of women struggling with the achievement of sexual satisfaction and sustained sexual interest. Common health concerns of women of all ages, including menopausal women, will be discussed and solutions offered utilizing an integrative health and spirituality model. This lecture is for lay-audiences and can be adapted to health-care professionals as well.


This lecture is designed and appropriate for health care professionals in all disciplines.  The emphasis is on both the content of a sexual history as well as the influence of the practitioners’ personal relationship to and experiences of sex as a determinate of the outcome of a professional interview.


Intimate, sexual relationships are complicated, at any age and with any partner.  Men, Women, Sex and Power explores the complexity and causal relationship between our feelings of personal empowerment and its impact on our desire for sexual intimacy. Our most important markers of emotional well-being and how they influence our sense of self-esteem and sexiness will be discussed. This content is gender neutral and relevant to men and women at any age and stage of relationship.

Women, Sex, Power, and Pleasure
– getting the life (and sex) you want

Based on the book with the same title and drawn, in part from the Men Women, Sex, and Power lecture, this lecture is tailored to women (read more.)  Women particular face certain gender-specific challenges to developing healthy relationships with pleasure. Motherhood, professional development and achievement, and the impact of culture on women’s sense of self will be emphasized in relationship to the markers of emotional well-being and specific strategies to help women move out of ruts that keep us from our sexual desire will be discussed.

The Secret Lives of Teen Girls

Based on my first book with the same title, this lecture is well-adapted and appreciated by both lay and professional audiences. Questions and concerns abound regarding the prevention of teen pregnancy, transmission of STIs, and helping girl’s develop a safe and satisfying relationship to sex. The national effort towards abstinence has proven – time and again – to be an insufficient and unsuccessful approach to helping teen girls manage with their normal interests in sex and decisions about being sexually active. This lecture gives parents and health care providers real tools to use to reduce their own feelings of panic about girl’s safety and ways to help girls make the safest, most sensible choices about sexual activity. Considerable opportunity is given for audience participation through facilitated discussion that includes answers to their questions.

Salon settings: Create Your Own Format

Per the request of many women who have heard Evelyn Resh speak, a Salon Format was devised to meet the varying needs of smaller, particular audiences. Ms. Resh is available to come to your home and present a specially designed mini-lecture and facilitated discussion focused on the particular interests of the group of women and/or men in attendance. Create an evening of your own design on a variety of topics related to sexual health and satisfaction. Evelyn Resh is available to consult with you directly on the development of such a program and is happy to work with smaller groups of any type to insure the evening is perfectly matched to the needs of you and your guests.

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