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Sensual and sexual health and satisfaction for teens and adults

The Secret Lives of Teen Girls – What your Mother Wouldn’t Talk About but Your Daughter Needs to Know

by Evelyn Resh, MPH, CNM with Beverley West

In The Secret Lives of Teen Girls, Evelyn Resh, a certified nurse-midwife specializing in the treatment of teenage girls, sexuality counselor to adult women, and mother to a teenage daughter, explores the provocative world of female adolescent sexuality. Resh explains how developing a sexual identity—often without adult guidance or a basic knowledge of what is happening physically and emotionally—can have lifelong effects on a girl’s well-being.

In this insightful book, Resh confronts both serious issues of adolescence, including sex, eating disorders, and substance abuse, as well as the less serious but still troubling issues like battles with parents over clothing and curfews, the importance of being “cool,” and the complexity of friendships. Drawing from both her professional and personal experiences, Resh shares with us revealing, humorous, and occasionally surprising anecdotes that parents of teenage daughters everywhere will relate to—whether they want to or not!

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ISBN: 978-1-4019-2278-8  ·  US $14.95/CAN $18.95

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